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Mannatech Achievements Proof That It's Worth A Go Really

To date, the number of wellness businesses is increasing. Increasing numbers of people desire to try their hand at it. Mannatech, Integrated is roofed in the set of these wellness business opportunities. In 1994 when Mannatech obtained started there were 4,000 new companies. Nowadays, we're the only person left. We're the only person whose sales exceeded $100,000,000.

The ongoing company, with Terry Petrovick as you of their top team leaders, is famous for selling wellness solutions and online marketing strategies. Why is them go above others? Here are a few of the business's recent achievements:


- Various patents have already been awarded in 30 countries for the technology useful for Ambrotose formulation.

- Mannatech items are called "proprietary items" and their technologies is "patented" since they themselves developed it and it can be called as their very own.

- More than 45 patents have already been issued around the world linked to the discovery and development of the Ambrotose.


- In year 1999, the business was publicly-traded on NASDAQ. Currently, they are debt-free and stable financially.

- 19 basic research about Mannatech items have already been covered and displayed in various closed meetings and published within scientific journals.

- As opposed to others that sell glyconutrient dietary supplements, Mannatech has more evaluations and published scientific tests. These details can be viewed within their website.

- The CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition), a link that stands for different supplement manufacturers, chose Robert Sinnott of Mannatech, Incorporated to be vice chairman of the SSAC. The SSAC, or Senior Scientific Advisory Council, is composed of research officers with the highest rankings from different companies. They support the CRN about major scientific issues.

At present, the Mannatech Wellness Business Opportunity is still running and remains prosperous. If you want for more information about the company and the very best team and wellness company systems available, simply go to

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